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One of Wisconsin’s summer playgrounds is home to a local mission minded coffee shop. Every coffee shop aims to serve a great cup of coffee or espresso drink but not all are inspired to empower people with disabilities. Inspired has the lake vibe, a modern fun vibe inside, but maybe what tops it all is the joyful vibe of the employees. Don’t believe us? Keep scrolling.

Inspired is in the heart of Lake Geneva just a block off the beach. This means great lake views from the sidewalk to the window front seating. Inside you will find seating for sidewalk people watching, a place to gathering around the fireplace, a cozy nook in the back, ample room at tables or the perfect meeting space behind the garage doors. The space is modern and clean with a pop of orange.

The interior is spacious, modern, clean with a touch of industrial.
Inspired partners with local roasters such as Haitian Bon Kafe and Boxed and Burlap and offers an array of blends. Regarding their Lake Geneva Coffee Roast, Inspired’s espresso blend, we found this tidbit about the roaster fascinating:
“Jeremiah Fox, a resident of Lake Geneva, is legally blind and uses his keen sense of smell, hearing and taste to roast our espresso. Using the assistance of talking timers and tactile points on his machine’s controls, he can adjust the temperature and air flow. His small batch, clean-air roasting process ensures quality, consistency and freshness which results in a naturally sweet, smooth and stomach friendly roast. We’re grateful for the opportunity to support a local business that aligns perfectly with our mission.” (per inspired
Keeping it clean and simple with the merch selection!
We’re loving the friendly and energetic staff!
Iced Caramel Latte – This cool and refreshing drink wasn’t heavy on the espresso taste, but was a pleasant amount of sweet.
The blended strawberry lemonade was the perfect balance of tart and sweet. This refreshing drink was another kids favorite.
Acai Refresher: A refreshing drink to sip on a warm sunny day along the lake. According to one of our little bloggers this drink is better than the Starbucks version.
Salted caramel mocha – Your standard salted caramel mocha: sweet and warm!
Caramel chocolate oat bar is a great vegan option. Honestly when reviewing our notes from Inspired I simply wrote WOW!
Coffee Cake – This was a wonderful coffee companion, and a great balanced coffee cake.
Focaccia – This tastes like a sauceless pizza! Savory and delicious.
This humble looking peanut butter cookie is an explosion of peanut butter flavor. This cookie is intense in flavor and moist. Possibly moving into first place when it comes to peanut butter cookies tasted by the bloggers.
Many others in the community have been inspired to support this unique coffee shop.

Inspired Coffee
883 W Main St,
Lake Geneva, WI 53147

(262) 683-8604


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