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The “Cream City” was recently named the best city for a cup of coffee in the U.S. by real estate website Clever. “Milwaukee is the best at balancing affordable brews with a growing coffee scene.” We have explored the many shops and roasts of Milwaukee that contribute to this honor, but had yet to try a local roaster that bears the very name of the city.

Established in 2018, Milwaukee Coffee Co is a small batch local roaster producing some coffees that we think are worth checking out. Our in-home weekend adventure took us from southern Mexico to the coffee fields of Kenya in just a few hours.

Neat, classic packaging makes it easy to know what you’re getting upfront. We are in love with the look of the 2021 rebranding of this roaster!
We tried the Kenya as a pour over and it was robust, with a hint of citrus up front and a spicy clove finish.  It’s great as a pourover but has the makings of a great espresso as well. We think you’ll find this one very versatile!
Next up was the Mexican H/G Chiapas. This is described as having notes of Brown Sugar, Chocolate, and Orange.  Profile description: “Sweet and balanced and absolutely delectable.  Have another cup, we don’t judge.”
Espresso Shot: This small but mighty shot packs a very chocolatey punch!
Iced Caramel Latte – A little sweetness goes a long way with this one, thanks to the chocolate and brown sugar notes. The Mexico single-origin blends very smoothly into a latte.
Mexican Spice Latte – It seemed like a no-brainer to make a Mexican Spice Latte out of this coffee. We used Hollander Dutch Chocolate cafe sauce and a dash of cinnamon for this drink. To our delight, this resulted in a cafe-quality drink that easily could be on a menu somewhere.
Boston Cream Pie Affogato – A combo of Kopp’s Boston Cream Pie custard and a shot of Milwaukee Coffee Co.’s Mexican H/G Chiapas espresso, this was kind of today’s wildcard drink. Kopp’s is known for their creative flavors and it blended with this espresso incredibly authentically to make an incredibly delicious (and quickly-devoured) treat!
Brunch Blend – With notes of caramel, citrus and nuts, they describe this profile as “Not too sweet, not too spicy, but a nice, easy sip. Perfect for brunch or for all those times you wish you were at brunch.” 
Pourover – This is probably what this coffee does best. Living up to its name, it’s nothing but a good, straightforward cup o’ Joe. 

To order coffee, visit Milwaukee Coffee Co.
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