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Every once in awhile we get coffee sent to us, and we get excited about it EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Today we bring you a veteran-owned, woman-owned coffee business from California called Southern, Sweet & Sassy. Where does the name come from? Melissa Green, the owner of SS&S describes herself as a Puerto Rican Gemini, so Southern, Sweet & Sassy is descriptive of her spunk–and, after talking to her awhile, we can confirm this!

Melissa’s mission is to create community with a military-family focus, and she focuses on sourcing from small, family owned farms all over the world.

We got to try a bag of single-origin Honduras. This is a medium-dark roasted with tasting notes of dark chocolate.

As soon as we opened the bag we could immediately smell the dark chocolate, with a secondary note of papaya.

We tasted this in espresso form first, and it was extremely bold! However, it tasted quite mild when made into an Iced Latte Miel – the addition of a little sweet honey and a dash of cinnamon made for a quite mild espresso drink.

A pourover of this Honduras once again brought out the tasting note of (very bold) dark chocolate, and while this wouldn’t be a go-to drink for light and fruity coffee fans, it would be a hit with those who like a stronger, earthier tone.

Where can you find this coffee? HERE, at Southern, Sweet & Sassy’s website. You’ll find blends, single-origin, and flavored coffee. If you can’t decide what to try, sample packs are available!
P.O. Box 2232,
Summerville, SC 29484

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