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“Espresso is an Italian word. Macchiato is an Italian word. Cappuccino is an Italian word. For far too long the American coffee culture has ignored the source by stealing the terms while delivering an experience and taste that falls far short of what the words promise. But no longer. Our goal is to (re)introduce the American public to an adventure of flavor and culture that has been withheld from them.”

Vendetta’s motto is obviously indicative of their desire to strive to bring the Italian experience to the heart of Wauwatosa, and, well, the writing’s on the wall. Literally. This motto can be found painted on the wall of their historic downtown cafe.

This locally owned coffee shop is a welcome addition to the walkable streets of the popular Village. For those who enjoy a unique coffee experience and old world charm clad in cream city bricks, this is a must-visit.

With high tin ceilings, barback mirrors and stately dark wood furnishings, this cafe transports you into a different time and place, reminiscent of turn-of-the-century Italy. The classical chandeliers, delicate fresh-cut flowers in ornate silver vases and stained glass windows are a welcome touch of elegance. It’s a sign of the attention to detail at Vendetta.

As we ordered, we were pleased to see how friendly the staff was. In a world where service is of paramount importance, they did not disappoint!

You’ll find more than just coffee here. With a variety of seasonal wines and beers, Italian soda and fresh-squeezed orange juice, there’s something for everyone. Don’t believe us? Check the menu HERE. It’s tempting to order an orange juice just to watch the orange juice squeezing machine at work!

We were excited to find some unique items on the coffee menu! The coffee is designed after a northern Italian blend by Tommy, one of Vendetta’s owners and is roasted locally. Here’s a peek of what you can find on the menu:

What’s an Italian cafe without food? With dough sourced from Italy and baked fresh daily, you’ll have plenty of reasons to keep your taste buds tingling.

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