France’s AVPA Holding 9th ‘Coffees Roasted at Origin’ CompetitionDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

The French nonprofit Agency for Valorization of Agricultural Products (AVPA) is hosting its ninth annual “Coffees Roasted at Origin” competition awards program this year.

Registration and roasted coffee samples are due to the group by June 20, while an awards presentation is scheduled to follow in Paris in July.

Registration fees are not published to the public, but the awards program is available to three classifications of coffees: “Estate,” which covers coffees roasted on the properties where they were grown or under the direction of the farmer(s); “Regional,” which covers regional roasting companies with an emphasis on Geographical Indication (GI); and “National,” which covers roasters who have a nationwide focus.

All coffees must be roasted in countries that have historically been considered “coffee-producing” countries.

Coffee is one of four awards programs currently being produced by the Paris-based AVPA, which was established in 2005 and seeks to value the individual efforts of producers of goods such as coffee, edible oils, tea and cocoa.

green coffee

Processed green coffee awaiting roasting.

Through its origin-focused competitions and associations with the French and international culinary worlds, the group seeks to award differentiation in product categories that have historically been subjected to commodities-driven value assessment. Awards will be provided in two primary categories: espresso and traditional cupping.

According to the AVPA, the 2022 coffee contest included nearly 200 coffee samples from 25 different coffee-producing countries. The competition’s rules call for a jury composed of coffee professionals, culinary professionals and “discerning consumers.” 

See the complete rules here. Registration and sample shipment information is available here.

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