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Summertime is go-time for the mobile coffee scene. Nothing gives off those summer vibes like sipping an iced latte on a hot day, and newcomer Harvest Moon is here for it.

Pulling shots from an adorable vintage camper, Gracie Neumann is using her years (and years!) of barista experience and coffee-crafting creativity to brighten local events all summer.

Stone Creek beans combined with Bella Goose syrups make for a unique coffee experience you won’t find anywhere else in the Milwaukee metro area. The menu can be customizable for events, and she’s constantly thinking up delicious new drinks.

From the Harvest Moon Coffee website:
Our camper is mobile and up for any event, whether that be a wedding, business party, or baby shower. The possibilities are endless! Harvest Moon wants to serve fresh coffee and produce good vibes for you & your guests!


Too keep up-to-date on where to find Harvest Moon Coffee, follow on Instagram and to book this adorable coffee camper for your next event, large or small, visit the website at www.harvest-moon-coffee.com.


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