Outstanding Design Achievement, Print Materials Semi-Finalists

The world of coffee brands (and brands in general) are usually filled with happy mascots, constantly smiling frontmen, and saccharine do-gooders. But this huge gap between image and truth of real life. (Which incidentally, is also the root cause of most of the world’s problems). Bettr is a B-corp business committed to Bettr-ing our planet through coffee. It’s a tough, complex (and sometimes seemingly unachievable) mission, we wanted to create a brand world that reflected the world of social enterprises in all its messy honest imperfect glory.

Welcome to Bettr Coffee. 100% Delicious. 100% Sustainable. We created a narrative brand system that was based on telling all kinds of stories in every format possible. The kinds of stories not usually found on coffee bags, packaging, inside of a cup or a roll of tape. We filled Planet Bettr with characters who are 100% flawed, yet 100% relatable. Despite their many issues, they still try to be 100% Bettr. It’s how we tackle a jaded, disillusioned audience, making complex problems easy to understand and relatable. At Bettr, we believe nothing is ever 100% perfect but our choices and actions can always make the world 100% Bettr.

Our print materials are visually appealing and informative. We educate and inspire our customers while achieving our mission of making the world a better place.

Across our printed collaterals, we have utilised three character illustrations which represent the core causes which our brand is dedicated to, namely: Mental and Emotional Well-being, Inequality and Access, and Ethical Sourcing and Corporate Responsibility.

The vibrant sunshine colour symbolises hope and positivity while the dark brown colour symbolises coffee, which is the vehicle that enables us to do the impact work we do. We aim to create impact, not limited to just our marginalised communities, but through our branding as well.

We believe print materials are an important part of our overall branding strategy. They help us communicate our message to our target audience and build relationships with customers. Our designs tell stories that resonate with our audience, inspiring them to join us in creating a better future.

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