Outstanding Design Achievement, Vessels Semi-Finalists

Vessels Category // Pico by notNeutral

Pico is the newest line of ceramic drinkware designed by notNeutral. We named the collection after Pico Boulevard, the iconic thoroughfare from the Pacific Ocean to Main Street in downtown Los Angeles, which unites many of the city’s most culturally diverse neighborhoods.

We drew from our team’s diverse expertise in handmade ceramics, specialty coffee, and design technology to create a collection that looks striking on the table and performs beautifully in a professional coffee setting. Our team took great care considering many rounds of prototypes, materials, and glaze techniques, incorporating feedback from our local barista community before arriving at our final design.

Our empathetic approach to design centers on understanding how a product is used to ensure positive interaction between the user and object we create. When we design cafeware, we consider the experience of the barista and drinker alike. Our signature flat-topped handle offers an ergonomic grip, the glazed lip makes for a comfortable sip, and the tulip-shaped bowls keep beverage temperatures stable. The cups’ curved interiors are ideally shaped for pouring latte art, and the saucer’s rim is slightly upturned to lift effortlessly off the table. The spoon fits carefully into the saucer and rests intuitively in hand.

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pico by notneutral sda submission vessels 00002

pico by notneutral sda submission vessels 00001

URL: https://www.notneutral.com/pico.html

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