Outstanding Packaging, Whole Bean / Loose Leaf Semi-Finalists

Caffe Ibis’ packaging is a carefully curated reflection of the brand’s values and progression in the world of coffee. From purposeful color coding to modern aesthetics, we take pride in the brand’s visual design and what it can do for our customers.

We strive to maintain the core elements of our brand identity and uphold our values of stewardship, equity, and community. Thus, our product design celebrates the diversity of our customers and partners around the globe. To achieve this, we have thoughtfully maintained our historic colors, typography, and logo elements from 1976 while strategically incorporating an expanded color palette, additional typography, and updated graphic elements.

Caffe Ibis’ visual identity is a balance of both expression and function, and we believe we have found that balance between the two with our latest branding. Product labels easily communicate valuable details while the assorted colors act as a visual aid to help orientate and navigate details such as country of origin. Our product packaging is designed for clear brand recognition regardless of how a retailer chooses to merchandise our products.

The overall product design represents our brand’s natural, western, and Ibis-inspired bird-friendly aesthetic. Our packaging pays homage to the bird that is our namesake, the White-faced ibis, and shows its beautiful marshland habitat. These details immediately establish our connection to the planet and brings us back to our roots. Along with the brand’s color palette, Caffe Ibis’ typeface adds to our western origins while remaining easy to read, furthering our company standard of accessibility. Our values are further supported with the certification badges that demonstrate our commitment to stewardship and equity, while the many colors of bags communicate our dedication to building welcoming and diverse community.

The intermediate color palette between the bags creates a unifying appeal from one bag to the next. The bags themselves carry an overall theme of complimentary colors in their designs, thus creating a sense of color balance that is eye catching and appealing. With the variety of colors that correspond with their country of origin, we hope to bring attention and curiosity to coffee regions around the world that consumers may not have tried before!

These design elements extend into our other branding such as our hot cups, business cards, coffee server labels, coupons, and general retail presence. To this end, we can help educate our customers and make buying their preferred coffee easier. The way our latest branding honors our history while creating new brand continuity across products facilitates a familiar and positive customer experience. Additionally, seeing all the assorted color bags on the shelf together is a nice nod to our values at Caffe Ibis, a proud woman-owned business and LGBTQ+ powered source of community.

Through our packaging, Caffe Ibis conveys a modern aesthetic through balanced colorways and imagery while remaining purposeful and intentional with our visual identity. We will continue to carry on our history and values but look to the future for inspiration in our packaging and beyond.

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URL: https://www.caffeibis.com/

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