Sprudge Design Awards: Outstanding Packaging, Ready-To-Drink Semi-Finalists

Our Organic Cold Brew Coffee bottle stands out as a true embodiment of innovative and eye-catching design. Here’s why it deserves the “Best Design – Read to Drink Coffee” award:

1. Glass Bottle Elegance: Our product comes in a sleek and environmentally-friendly glass bottle. Its elegant and premium appearance enhances the RTD coffee-drinking experience.

2. Transparent Label: Through thoughtful design, we’ve integrated a transparent window around the label, allowing customers to see the product inside. This not only adds to the visual appeal but also builds trust, as customers can appreciate the premium quality of our organic cold brew and real dairy used to make Equator RTD taste incredible.

3. Clear and Approachable Communication Hierarchy: The label employs a clear communication hierarchy that prioritizes essential information. Branding, flavor, Cold Brew and Organic are all prominently displayed, ensuring that consumers can quickly grasp the product’s unique selling points.

4. Flavor Presentation: Each flavor variant of our cold brew is visually distinctive on the label, utilizing colors and clear naming conventions which aids consumers in quickly identifying the flavors they desire.

5. Iconic Tiger Logo and Bold use of Red: Equator’s iconic tiger logo and traditional red color graces the front of the bottle, instantly catching the eye with its bold and memorable presence. The tiger symbolizes strength and grace, connecting the consumer to the core of our brand.

6. Organic Certification: The label proudly communicates our commitment to Organic, Fair Trade and giving back via 1% for the Planet. In a world where health and sustainability are paramount, this information is an essential selling point that distinguishes our brand in the market.

Our Organic Cold Brew Coffee bottle represents the perfect fusion of form and function, a standout in the crowded market of ready-to-drink coffee. Its glass bottle, iconic tiger logo, transparent label, and clear communication hierarchy come together to offer an exceptional coffee-drinking experience. We believe this design is not just visually appealing but also drives customer engagement and loyalty. We humbly submit our entry for the “Best Design – Read to Drink Coffee” award, as a testament to our commitment to excellence in design and product presentation.

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