Outstanding In-House Design Team Finalists

Here are the finalists for the Sprudge Design Awards Outstanding In-House Design Team category. This award honors an in-house design team’s outstanding design and artistic contributions. Any genre of product in the scope of the wider coffee industry is eligible for consideration.

Outstanding In-House Design Team Finalist

The Onyx In-House Design Team is comprised of a small, tight-knit team of creatives who design everything Onyx puts out into the world, including both physical and digital projects. Product packaging, Artist Collaboration artwork, merchandise design, and digital design for e-commerce and marketing are just a few of the categories of design that our team operates in every day. In the last year, we’ve partnered with dozens of artists, brands, and businesses to design products and supporting marketing visuals that honor the same spirit of excellence we bring to our coffee and cafe programs.

onyx coffee lab in house design team sda sprudge 4

onyx coffee lab in house design team sda sprudge 1

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Outstanding In-House Design Team Finalist

perc coffee in house design team entry sda sprudge 2

The vision for the PERC brand is a homegrown effort. Former packing crew member and roaster Brad Praria, also known as Braddy the Baddy, and owner/proud PERC papa Philip Brown collaborate to create all the visual and written elements for the brand.

perc coffee in house design team entry sda sprudge 5

It was our mission to make our design systems clear for everyone from the craft coffee curious to the craft coffee experts… and to make it look AWESOME. The colors we chose are vibrant and are used to accompany the vibes PERC has to offer: Mild, Balanced, and Wild. When coffees go beyond the threshold of a single color, they transcend into a holographic sensation that is our limited-release offerings. Our illustrations including the tongue, panther, octopus, and peach serve to further the vibe system and pay tribute to the history and culture at PERC. In instances like the Holiday Blend, we let our imagination run wild with zany concepts that make people laugh while they sip on some insanely awesome brews. Similar to our approach of roasting and sourcing unique and amazing coffees, there are hardly ever any limitations to how wild and involved we let our designs become: from the spaces we serve our coffee in, to the vessels folks sip them from.

perc coffee in house design team entry sda sprudge 3

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Outstanding In-House Design Team Finalist

quarrelsome in house design team sda entry 00001

Meet Kyle and Dexter. They are the brand design duo at Quarrelsome Coffee, affectionately referred to (by themselves) as “The Art Department.” While they produced the majority of the work in-house, a few partners were brought in for aspects of the project. Quarrelsome Coffee is a new coffee brand, café, and roastery located in St Louis.

quarrelsome in house design team sda entry 00004

quarrelsome in house design team sda entry 00002

We’re a team of curious scientists and passionate coffee veterans intrigued by the limitless, untapped potential of coffee.

quarrelsome in house design team sda entry 00005

quarrelsome in house design team sda entry 00003

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Outstanding In-House Design Team Finalist

summit coffee in house design team sda entry sprudge 5

Summit Coffee has built its company on the creativity, curiosity, and teaming nature of our people. For the past 2 years, we’ve had a four-person design team that works in concert on all branded aspects of our business. The scope of their work includes cafe design, menu branding, retail merchandising, digital campaigns, social media initiatives, and much more. In the past year alone, we’ve designed and opened cafes in 3 major markets — Charlotte, Atlanta, and (soon to be) Charleston. We’ve also rebranded our primary logo in a modern way, launched multiple retail coffee collaborations, and allowed the design team to drive the wildly popular seasonal menus.

The nature of this awards category — “In-House Design Team” — speaks fluently to how we’ve assembled our remarkable crew. We’re intentionally fluid in how they work together, so there’s always a confluence of opinions and styles all in support of our core brand identity. I’m extremely proud to nominate Summit Coffee’s in-house design team: Tyler Helfrich (Artistic Director & Cafe Designer); Luz Heilman (Marketing Manager); Brooke Basinger (Graphic Designer); and Laura Gramke (Customer Experience Manager)

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